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Part 1: Learning Inventory Profile

Part 2: Benchmark Receipt - Receipt Number 918483 issued at 1:02:45 PM on Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Part 3: Essay
Learning inventory provides the chance of understanding the concept of our learning and process information. Several stages have been taken to complete the online learning inventory for the course of Principle of Economics. Initially, part one of the Learning inventory is about personal detail and the second part contain 105 questions and reflect about my pervious learning experiences. The part two questions were qualitative sort of question where we are agree with the statement and scale the statement according to our ideas and feeling. The graph above indicates the information about my pervious learning. The questions were based on the different concept of learning in the past such how I develop my ideas about new topic such by discussing the concept with my friends or other person and moreover am I agree with the statement and answer my thoughts in order to construct the graph. Once 105 statements were score the learning profile has appears with different colours includes green, red and amber. The green colour in the profile represent that I strongly agree with the information provided. For instance in the graph memorising after understanding shows the green strip which indicate that I am strongly agree with all the questions in the section of learning after understanding. Similarly the graph above score between 0 and 20 the zero score shows the lowest and 20 is highest score. The score of the memorising after understanding is 18 the highest score in my profile that I have allocated. The score illustrates the difference of diverse descriptors which influence upon my learning. The lowest score of mu learning is 6 about the learning about the examples shows with amber colour. This clearly shows that in my learning experience I understand the concept and memorise and do not concentrate less about the example in the learning.
In addition, the leaning inventory profile show the high learning areas as well the low and confuse areas of learning based on how answer to