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Student name: Liu Le
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From the first lecture, I found that successful people have capability to learn different things. As we know, with the development of the society, the world becomes more interconnected and business becomes more complex and dynamic, work must become more learningful. They need posses a variety of abilities to deal with some different situations. Learning is the basic condition for us to be succeeded; we must learn how to be succeeded. We love learning and we are all learners.

Besides, what does teamwork mean to me? I also found that teamwork is very important through the last several trimesters. In modern society, we have to learn how to cooperate with others. For instance, we are undergraduates and we have lots of group assignments. If we want to get good marks in our group reports or group presentation, we must synergize with our teammates. From my point of view, coordination is the most important factor of a good team. During the process of working with others, I have to admit that we really can learn many things for example how to make friends with others and how to socialize. In my opinion, everyone has strength and weakness, if we can take advantage of their strength well so that this is a good team. We would better assign different teammates to do different things, when we form a team I usually ask them what they are good at. When I understand their strength and