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About two weeks age,i learnt to study in groupwork in CR class. This class taught me to know about the benefit and important to study in groupwork. After class i realized that studying in groupwork is very important and necessary for students. Studying in groupwork,we can share more ideas and discuss some problems about learning. Which make our learning become easier and interesting. Meanwhile, studying in groupwork we can make some good friends and promote friendly relation between classmates. In the past, i had little chance to study in groupwork,because in china ,one class always have many students,teachers do not have enough time to require students studying
In groupwork. Most of time, teachers just took in the classroom,which is very boring.when i studied this lesson, i found that i like this learning style.Now, when we have some good ideas, we can share for everyone. When we have some problem we can discuss and fund the solution together,which enable our study and life to become more interesting. Not only we increase efficiency ,and make more friends in study. This experience tough that study in groupwork is very important skill for everyone. In the life we will meet many people, so this skill made me learned to how to deal with humanity and help me easier to success.
I have learning to live in a foreign country. About four months ago. I went the Australia. I was very nervous and excited because before, I have never been away from home. In addition, I lived in homestyle, but I did not know their customs, I was afraid I might make some mistakes. When I came into the Australia, I found that Australia was a very beautiful country. Then, I have reached my homestyle. This family were very friendly and they offer me many help. Now I realized that learning to