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My Theory – MARS

MARS is a model of individual behavior, consists of four variables, which are motivation, ability, role perceptions, and situational factors. This model can let people understand some characteristics they may have such as values, personality, perceptions, emotions, attitudes, stress and how to use them to finish a task perfectly.

Motivation represents that some internal forces can influence on people’s willing selections’ behavior. They will identify people’s direction, intensity and persistence for a task.

Ability means that how much talent and learned capabilities people have to finish a task successfully. According to ability, people can select, develop and redesign suitable jobs or interests.

Role Perceptions is what behavior people should have when they are going to finish a task successfully. For example, people should understand what tasks to perform, how relative importance of tasks should consider and what preferred behaviors should have.

Situational Factors cover environmental conditions beyond the people’s control that constrain or improve behavior or result such as time, people, budget and work facilities.

My Experience – Basketball

Basketball is very popular in Chinese high school and this sport competition in the Chinese high schools and universities are more frequently held. Interestingly, the classes’ teams are fiercely competitive in my high school. Traditionally every match between classes or schools can attract more than 100 teachers and students to watch it. So I will use MARS model to describe my story with basketball in high school.

Motivation: My main achievement (direction) for playing basketball is to become an all-round basketball athlete in school. In basketball game, all-round basketball athlete means a player can play in all the position (PG, SG, SF, PC, and C) and master the characteristics of each position. In order to master these skills (dribble, pass, shoot, rebound, assist), I realized that I would need to learn from other player from different position and keep practicing (intensity); therefore, I usually played with some good players from different position and watched their features (persistence). For example, one of my team mates taught me how to do cross-leg dribble as a guard.

Ability: Fortunately, my father is a good amateur basketball enthusiast so that he could gave me some good suggestions and shared experiences with me. When I was a child, I…