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This is the main idea of your “dossier” which will be a reflective/learning journal Learning Journal ­ this is the main evaluation of Research Methods course ­ your presentations will be also included as part of this evaluation NOTE: if you use hyperlinks to other google docs, make sure to give me permission to edit the document, ­ just “share/partager” and then change permission so “anyone can view” or add me specifically “jeffrey.salahub@gmail.com” ● take notes, reflect upon, and write down thoughts and experiences (related to research, and particularly the areas we look into in class) during and after class
● place these writings into a diary form, using subtitles for clarity
● the idea is for you to apply the material on research to the situations/exercises experienced / observed in class Types of questions you can ask yourself when writing a learning diary:
What did I learn from the lecture or exercise?
What use do I have from things I learned?
How can I apply the matters learned?
What was easy, what was difficult or fuzzy?
How could the lectures or exercises be better? The purpose of the diary is to deepen the learning process and a diary acts as lecture­notes to yourself. File your diaries and read them later because thoughts tend to be forgotten. A diary acts also as feedback to the instructor. Accepted diary ● Enough text ­ 250 words per page double­spaced, about 5­8 pages so about
1000­1500 words
● It has to show that the matter has been thought and processed
● It’s about the lecture, theme or exercise concerned = one has to participate (or study online if it is an online theme)
● Own thought with own words ­ not only a list of lecture’s subjects
● Answers to many or all of the questions mentioned above
● Name the file in the format:
● share with your instructor using email: jeffrey.salahub@gmail.com Note: if you haven’t done the exercises and participated in class, then it is impossible to do this learning diary and pass the course.

May 5, 2015 Preferably you will share it in google docs so test googledocs beforehand (instead of emailing as an attachment).

More Detailed Explanation: As the above text gives the idea simply, here are some more clarifications:


I don't want a 'standard' format for this journal, as I leave it open for you to create. However, these are the main principles when writing this document: ● reflect upon what you learned ­ focus on what you learned and what you "took away" from the concepts or material you read or what was presented in class
● connect the "theory/material" with your experiences, with exercises, or other research you have seen
● make statement about potential future research you could be involved in
● comment on what areas are not so certain to you, and where you would want to improve ­ it is very good that you 'know what you don't know' ­ as then you can develop these. Even in an employment situation if you can list areas where you need more knowledge or development, that is a positive thing, as nobody can know everything Therefore, your focus is on what you have learned, and thought about the material covered, and not summarizing everything we did. For example, if you look at material on research questions, you don't have to write down the text that talks about making a good research question, but you can comment on what that means to you, likely making reference to the research studies you have looked at.

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