Learning: Learning and Good Bussines Man Essay

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Task 2.What are you approaching to learning ?

Definition of Learning is “to get knowledge or skill in a new subject or activity”


.I would add that is a stage between studying and life experience or practice .You can’t

learn or consider that you fulfilled the learning process just by studying the theory
I would consider the learning process complete when an individual knows the theory and

the practice.That is what I would call academic learning ,professional learning.

The Learning Theory that I agree more is Antonio Bandura’s Constructivist Theory.

This Theory applies to my professional and personal life.

I consider myself a quick learner,I develop fast new skills during trainings and short time

of practice.

The Vark Questionnaire results showed a high score at the aural learning method.I learn a

lot just by hearing the information I need to learn.And it is true that I prefer to listen the

notes when the teacher speaks rather than to write them.I also like to explain the notes

because I like to do it better and interact with the person than to hand them my notes that

I know it might be incomplete because of my personal way of learning.

I have good scores almost equal at Read and Write learning preferences and Kinestetic .

It is true that some times when needed I prefer to read and write information,do a proper

research of the information I need ,write down the main and put it in practice,use it as

much as I can .

I am aware that even if I study bussines I might not have all the attributes reaquired