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Learning Online
Dennis Michaelis
Indiana Wesleyan University
Research and Writing
Monday March, 24 2014
Dr. David Hogsette, Professor

To plagiarize is to include someone else's writing, information, or idea in a paper and fail to acknowledge what you took by indicating whose work it is

Dustin was thrilled, when he received his acceptance letter from Purdue online. The programs flexibility, coupled with his busy schedule, was a perfect combination. As classes began however, the pig’s lipstick started to peel. His visions of invigorating lectures, and lively debate, were but a mirage, slowly dissolving into the reality of blackboard. Although Dustin had great potential, he lacked confidence, as well as certain core competencies. Students like Dustin, often need engaging teachers in order to be comfortable and successful.
It's sad, but Dustin’s experience is common in the world of online education. These programs reward independent learners, and leave all others stranded. Rather than unearthing passion in the apathetic, professors resign their gifting and become syllabus moderators (a job fit for undergraduate students). It is no surprise that many professors despise teaching online. Not only do they miss the personal connection with their students; they find themselves constantly grading papers (not what they signed up for). In a recent forum discussing online education, an anonymous teacher remarked, "Unfortunately, these courses are academic crack to university administrators. They can charge the same tuition, but not have to pay for niceties such as classrooms, libraries, laboratories, etc. The administrators (many of whom are former professors) seem to have forgotten the potentially transformative experience which can happen in the life of students due to being part of a living, breathing, in-person academic…