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Concept of Learning
Natasha Veruchi
Psych 550
March 25, 2013
Greggus Yahr, PhD.

Concept of Learning

Learning is a concept that has evolved over time. In the following paragraphs there will be a thorough description of the concept of learning. Learning is the acquisition of knowledge and the concept deals with taking that knowledge and using it to further the education. There also be a segment on the difference between learning and performance. Finally, there will be a compare and contrast of the four main approaches to the study of learning. These approaches are: the functional approach, the study of learning evolved through the species, the behavioral approach, the relationship between stimuli, the reaction to the stimuli and the consequences of it, the cognitive approach, the process of accepting information and storing it and then the process of retrieving that information. The final approach is the neuroscience approach, seeking to determine the biological of learning.
The concept of learning
Learning is the acquisition of knowledge this includes the verbal knowledge as well as habits and skills that are developed. Evidence of learning can be seen as a relatively permanent change in behavior that occurs as a result of experiences. An individual may not be affected by something until a later time, learning also includes the potential change of behavior that is demonstrated when individuals are prompted to give answers to certain questions in order to demonstrate their knowledge of the subject.
Learning versus performance learning takes place within the mind which produces non-tangible evidence of it happening.