Learning: Psychology and Frances Victory Psy Essay

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Kevin Lalama
Professor Frances victory
PSY 1101 – D850
March 11, 2015
“Monkey see, monkey do” one of the most known and use phase by humans. This has shape ourselves and history itself, and learning plays the major role in it. People have so many ways of learning, but I find “Mirror and Imitation in the Brain” the most fascinated topic of all. “Monkey see, monkey do” is the best representation for “Mirror and Imitation in the Brain”. While growing up a kid is expose to so much information, which later in life a person projected the information in their point of view. People don’t realize that mirror learning influence a lot in a child’s mental development. I never really thought about why people have different reaction towards things differently. But after reading this chapter I realize that by educating ourselves from a role model, family members and even the person is hang out with, influence our life decisions. One interesting factor of mirror learning is that it could be involve in many historic events. Growing up in a segregate community a person will be expose to a lot of hate treat, humiliation, and abuse; but despite all those things there was always someone that was the opposite. Kind, compassionate and open minded was another type of person that existed between all that hate treat. There was always one person that want to help other and see equality in the world. Those people once show their kids that there is nothing wrong by showing respect to each other’s and the color skin should not reflect on the good people can do. We could say that segregation ended for the fact that kids once absorb the compassion and kindness that their parents show to black people; and those kids later follow the steps of their parents. My 7 year old cousin is currently staying us, but knowing my brother and I have become the people he look up to. When he first stared staying in our house, I remember how he once was. A very quiet and timid boy that just walk around the house like a ghost. My brother and I are constantly are on our phone listen to music, internet surfing and sometime just we just dance around. After a few month my brother and I started to notice a chance in his personality. First there