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Learning Styles

In a distance-learning environment, I will use the study techniques recommended for my personality type and strongest intelligences because the techniques given to me seem to match me straight on. I enjoy the organization of the online classroom and having different areas to find different materials and the required documents. I take the time to read the text and break it down and organize it according to my needs. I always use a planner to schedule what tasks are due when because I am also juggling two children and two jobs on top of school. I will ask the instructor for feedback if I feel it were necessary but the instructors have been very good at the feedback they have been giving me. They seem to have learned my strengths and weaknesses early on in class, which helps them to understand me more.
I will use other techniques to strengthen the areas I am weak in. I will work to build weaker areas by using study techniques that do not come naturally to me. I will try to use the latest technology to help me grasp the concepts that I do not understand and I will ask for additional help when needed.
It is important to know your learning strengths so that you can utilize all of your strengths to their maximum potential. If you know what type of learner you are it will be easier for you to figure out how well you do in different areas of learning and the different teaching styles you may face. Taking the time to figure out what works best for you can only benefit you in the long run. My learning style states that I like to be left alone and enjoy hands on to best absorb the information. This describes me very accurately and lets me