Learning Styles And Effective Study Habits Essay

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Learning Styles and Effective Study Habits

My preferred learning styles would be Intrapersonal, Interpersonal, Verbal Linguistic, and logical Mathematical. Intrapersonal is understanding our own behaviors and feelings; being aware of our moods and emotions and how they affect others. We like to be independent, and enjoy spending time by ourselves. Interpersonal is being able to relate to others. We are able to gauge a person’s mood, are good in social settings. We work well in a group. Verbal Linguistic is the ability to communicate well through listening, reading, writing, speaking. Logical Mathematical is being able to understand logical reasoning and problem solving. We like to know how and why things work in certain ways. We like to be organized and find solutions to problems.
What is the link between your learning style and effective studying? For Intrapersonal people, like myself, we prefer to self-study. It’s not that I don’t like working in groups but if there was a choice than I would choose to work by myself. I am in touch with my inner thoughts and emotions. I believe that being this way, I know when and why I may not feel motivated to study and I can change whatever is bothering me and get back on track. Interpersonal styles come in handy when I am in a group. It helps me collaborate well with the team members because I am able to sense their feelings and motivations. Which allows me to determine the most effective way to get the assignment done on time. Verbal Linguistic is a very important learning style to have. This allows me to communicate with my instructor, and classmates, verbally and in writing. Also to be able to read and retain information that is needed not just to study but in life as well. Logical Mathematical comes in handy when it’s time to problem solve. Also to be organized by creating charts and schedules. Which helps in staying on top of my studies.
List at least three study strategies and techniques you have or will use during this course to increase your effectiveness. A designated study area is a must, for me at least. It gets me in the mood to study and I have everything that I need right there. This prevents me from wasting time searching for things that I may need to do my assignments with and get distracted in the process. Second would be to not procrastinate because once I start to procrastinate than its all downhill from there. I get stressed out trying to get everything done at the last minute. This is where a schedule is very beneficial for me. It allows me to be responsible in getting things done in a timely manner. Third would be reading and effective note taking. I personally enjoy reading but there are times when the topic is not the most interesting thing in the world and this is when I make sure to pay extra