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Learning Team Deliverable- Steve Jobs
Debi Franco, Howard Merkel, Patricia Long Pujol, and Tiara Burden
March 09, 2015
Brent Smith
Learning Team Deliverable- Steve Jobs
Debi’s Summary: The video about Steve Jobs was so motivating that I had my 11 year old son watch it with me as well. Through his stories, he reminds us again that you can do whatever it is you put your mind to do. As he talked about his life during the first story, it was clear that he had no idea what he wanted to do but would not give up until did. Dropping out of school and dropping into classes, connecting the dots. I felt his message was to try everything because you will never know how it can help or where it will lead you in the future. He spoke of love and loss during his second story and it made me wonder how difficult that was for him. He had put everything into his company only to have it taken away from him. A lesser man may have not had the strength or courage to pick up and continue doing what they love. It spoke volumes for his character. His third story was a little tough to watch as he described his diagnosis and his interpretation of getting his affairs in order. His message was clear: Follow your heart. Do not give up. Do not live for others. Have faith and courage to do what you want to do. Do not apologize. Being a very private person, he did not normally speak openly about himself so I really appreciated his transparency about his life. His final statement “Stay hungry. Stay foolish” was definitely words to live by.
Howard’s Summary: Steve Jobs speech was special to me. Steve Jobs was not a professional speaker and many of the graduating class did not seem too impressed by him, but Steve Jobs was a brilliant man. He could take an idea and run with it. "Apple Computers" became enormously profitable because of Jobs. Microsoft became a giant in computers because of Jobs. Obviously, Jobs went his way with Apple and Bill Gates went his way with Microsoft Windows without Jobs and Gates, we would still be writing handwritten reports. Both were successful. Unfortunately Jobs died a few years ago because of cancer but his legacy with Apple lives on. What impressed me was that Jobs spoke from his heart. He was honest about his lack of college training, his firing from Apple, and his impending death. Jobs continued working at Apple until he died.
Patricia’s Summary: I think Steve Jobs is telling them that sometimes the decisions in life you have to make are difficult and they are not what everyone thinks you ‘should’ do. You have to listen to your heart and brains and realize what would be best for yourself and not others. He uses his first story to tell them that in the present you will never know what the future has in store for you, but when you are looking back on all the things that happen to you in the past; you can see that it all happened for a reason. His second story is to tell them that even when unexpected things occur within life, you must always realize that you are doing what you love and that you must not give up on life or anything else. In his third, and last, story he is telling them that they are the new generation and must not let any opportunities pass them by and must make the most out of what is already given to them. Overall I feel like this commencement speech has a very powerful message as long as those listening to it interpret it correctly. The third story when he is telling about his almost death experience when he was told he has cervical cancer is extremely moving and has a big impact on those who are listening.