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Before conducting a meeting with health care members it is important to come prepared for the meeting, anticipate questions that may arise during the meeting, and communicate positively with group members during the meeting. Preparation for the meeting includes planning objectives for the meeting and what will need to be accomplished. We have a monthly nurse meeting that includes communicating changes to policies and procedures, quality of health services, and upcoming changes in other departments that have a direct impact on the nursing department. It is also important respect the team member’s time and follow the agenda as outlined. The most productive meetings I have attended have been less than one hour because the leader was organized, prepared, and concise with instructions during the meeting.

Our group has successfully met and completed each week’s team assignment. Members of the team have been responsible, respectful, and timely in submitting their part of the assignment.
A group may fail to meet their goals and objectives due to different ideas, lack of communication, procrastination by one or more team members, heavy workload, distractions, and fatigue.
Preparation for any meeting is key to meeting goals and objectives. It is important to know the overall goals and objectives of the meeting, how you want to meet your goals and objectives, and how to address your audience. I hold the meeting at a time that is convenient for everyone if possible; this may be a lunch hour where lunch is provided. Each goal or objective is discussed individually, and co-workers are encouraged to provide feedback on each topic. At the end of the meeting we go over any changes that we are making and clarification is given when needed.

Our group has been successful in completing each week’s assignments for many reasons. First of all there is an outstanding communication within team members. All members are responsible, and accountable for their work. Also, there is a great amount of respect and