Learning Team D Week 5 Paragraph Paper 1

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Prepare the following documentation for your project: Paper-1
A Word document of roughly one page (but you can go longer if you like) which describes any challenges you faced when using the entities and attributes document to build the ERD and the database tables. Explain how you handled those challenges (what you decided to do and why). Challenges would include things like ambiguities in which relationships should be created.

The purpose of our Team D Fleet Truck Maintenance project database is to build an access database that match the entity. We also build tables for each entities and created a columns in each table that match the attributes. Each of our team member build 11 tables that have 11 primary key, each column have a data type and size chosen. We add data to the tables and created relationship between tables. There are eleven tables such as Maintenance Descriptions, Maintenance Work Order, Parts Purchasing History, Parts Catalog, Parts Inventory Issues, Parts Inventory Purchases, Tire Maintenance, Vehicle Maintenance, Vehicle Types, Vehicles, and Vendors.

Jillian When it came to challenges faced with using the entities and attributes to build this ERD database table it seemed to be a bit more complex than originally thought of. Although with using the visual effects of youtube and being able to use that as a type of guide to comprehend on how this was to be put together. It was still a challenge on how to get the information to…