Least Restrictive Environment Essay

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Section A
What does the term ‘least restrictive environment’ mean when applied to education for exceptional children? Provide an example to support your explanation.
When applied to the education of exceptional children, ‘least restrictive environment’ denotes the idea that students with disabilities should be educated amongst their non-disabled peers in general education classrooms “to the maximum extent appropriate” (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, 2004) based on their learning needs. It is paramount to provide exceptional children with as normal of an educational experience (and as much freedom) as possible, relocating them to dedicated classrooms only when the nature of their needs are such that they can not be adequately met in a general education classroom even with supplementary aids or services (Hallahan, Kauffman, Pullen, 2014). Also, it is important to note that growth and development are key and that a student’s LRE is meant to help them progress. As the
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The least restrictive environment for this student differs only slightly from the environment of his non-disabled classmates. In the case of my young cousins, who have Asperger’s Syndrome, it has been determined by their Individual Education Plan (IEP) teams that their LRE consists of part-time placement amongst their non-disabled peers during art, subjects that they particularly excel at, as well as recess and lunch time. For the rest of the day, they learn in a self-contained classroom dedicated to students with autism-spectrum disorders. Here, a team of specially trained teachers and paraeducators work specifically to address the boys’ unique needs of an individual basis that could not be achieved in a normal