The Story Of The Devil

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When it was class time she saw Krissy and told her everything that happen yesterday and what happen to her.
Leathea told Krissy that she has to follow the Devil. She didn’t know how to take back the diary he took. Krissy doesn’t know how to help her friends on how to take back her most important thing in her life. All of the students have lots of stories about Devil, they say that he had gone to jail or that he has a really bad life. No one know his true family or parents because whenever it’s a parents conference in the school his parents doesn’t come. Even when the teacher say he can’t make someone copy his notes or do anything he wants in the classroom but he always make the teacher listen to him because he has secrets of all the teachers in his school.
“Leathea! Go buy me some food. I want cookies, chips, sushi and get us beer. Get me all of these now!”
“Fine! Why do you have to crave so many things at once,” Leathea whined.
She had a lot of trouble of carrying the foods he is making her buy, she gave the food to him broken but he still ate it.
The next day she saw Devil who is really into motorcycles and that when he race against another player who had compete against him, he always end up the winner. They never would think he is into motorcycles because they never see him with one as long as he is in the school. Then after a month or so being with Devil and Leathea is still his slave, there was an accident that had happen to him during the time Leathea was still following his orders. He had a accident when he was competing because the other player was cheating and kept on nudging him and he suddenly run out of control and he had broke his left arm and right leg. The doctor said that it will heal, in the mean time he should not be doing anything but he should take care of his health. He needed to take time off of going to school for 3 months but no one know who would take care of him because all his friends had important things to do in there own family. So the only one left to take care of him was Leathea, she still needed to follow what he tells her to do because if she doesn’t then he will tell everything that is in that diary of hers. She had no choice but to accept, she still doesn’t know how long it will take her to follow his orders until he give her diary back. He had to let her know where he lived because she was going to take of him. When Leathea saw the house he lived in she exploded (Not For Real). The things that was in there was things that she can’t even afford, even if she worked her butt off. Devil was so rich.
“Don’t tell anyone where I live or your dead.”
“Now that you are now taking care of me you should know my real name.”
“His real name.. Oh my god. I’m the only one who know his real name,” she thought sarcastically.
“No no no that wouldn’t be fair, I’m just going to keep calling you Devil, its fine if you don’t tell.”
“You sure you don’t want to know my rea~~l name,” Devil spoke in a seducing voice.

“I’m sure its fine if I only call you Devil (smile),” she said proudly.
“You will start with cleaning the mess and clean my house and I don’t want any dust lying around here so works hard
Leathea,” Devil said smiling devilishly.
Leathea would always go to Devils house and follow his orders. She would stay there until morning and go to back at her house in a late time. She told her mother that she would be staying at a friends house because she is taking care of “her” because of her accidents injury and that her friend had no one to take care of her because she has been living alone. She didn’t tell that the person she is taking care of is a guy instead she said