Lebensraum: Living Space for the German Race Essay

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, former name given to a people who were said to speak an archaic
Indo­European language and who were thought to have settled in prehistoric times in ancient Iran and the northern Indian subcontinent. The theory of an

Aryan race” appeared in the mid­19th century and remained prevalent until the mid­20th century.
Aryan is an english language loanword derived from the
('noble').The term ārya 1.

was used as an ethnic self­designation by the
tribes in the ancient times. It was believed in the 19th century that it was also a self­designation used by all
, a theory that has now been abandoned.


. additional territory considered by a nation, especially Nazi
Germany, to be necessary for national survival or for the expansion of trade. any additional space needed in order to act, function, etc.

In German history, Lebensraum (“living space”) was a racist ideology that proposed the aggressive, territorial expansion of Germany. Originally a biology term for “ habitat ”, the publicists for the
German Empire

(1871–1918), introduced
as a concept of nationalism that

became a geopolitical goal of Imperial Germany in the
First World War

(1914–1918). In the post-war
Weimar Republic
(1919–1933) the concept and the term were features of German ultra-nationalism, and later, during the

Third Reich
, was an ideological