Lebron James Vs Michael Bordan Essay

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How can you construct an argument to dethrone a king whose legacy has been untouched for years? How can one touch an intangible mark in the world if no one has even come close to it? In the sport of basketball, Michael Jordan, a hall of fame inductee and six time NBA champion, is a combination of the king and that intangible mark. He is known across the world as the greatest player ever, whose basketball level is unreachable thanks to his killer instinct, athleticism, and God given abilities. Nevertheless, as of late, Lebron James, a four time MVP and three time NBA champion, is being acknowledged for playing at a higher level than his competitors, resulting in others to believe that he is neck and neck with Jordan’s abilities. Even though Michael Jordan is the “G.O.A.T.”, Lebron James is better than Michael Jordan, making him the greatest basketball …show more content…
In spite of Lebron James and Michael Jordan being two great players, Lebron beats Jordan in being a better teammate by plainly being a better passer. First and foremost, Michael Jordan has a career total of 5,633 assists that would average out to 5.3 assists per game (Fox Sports). For a player of Jordan’s caliber, this is quite the average stat. His assist total shows that he does give the ball away to his teammates, but the average tells another story. Meanwhile, Lebron James has a career total of 8, 195 assists that average to 7.2 assists per game (Fox Sports). The difference in assists not only show that Lebron is the more exceptional passer, but it displays the versatility in Lebron’s skill. Michael Jordan’s assist average shows how he predominantly has one skill set, whereas Lebron can be considered to have multiple due to the fact that he is closer to average double digits in a stat that involves using your teammates. Ultimately, Lebron James overwhelms Michael Jordan as it comes to