lectura y escritura Essay

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story was written by Ana Veciana-Suarez. She wrote about a guy that sold his company for good amount of money. She didn’t even think what he would do but divided it up amongst the workers that worked for him. He didn’t buy stuff for himself but instead was giving away. All his coworkers became millionaires because of the generous offering that their boss had given them. She sat around stunned how these people were doing after the money was given to them. She even saw that he gave money to the retirees and the widows of the company to. Many say that he was munificence was token-like. After he gave the money he was less than a third of the money he got when he sold his company.

My opinion about this essay is that I agree for what he did for the people. I would do the same if I had a company of my own. I wouldn’t spend money on myself and that I would share my wealth to everyone that worked with me and that I would give some money to charities. After I did all that then I spend the money for myself and to my family. Most people here are greedy when it comes to money. They don’t care how others are suffering but themselves. They see as they are the victims not others. I hate people when they are greedy. When I had money I offer to help people when they don’t have the money and they usually pay it back when they do.

Conclusion of this is that people need to stop thinking about themselves and think of others. There is people out there that are suffering from everything.