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Lecture Synthesis # 2
Bridge Brewing Company

Management 1000
November 29, 2013

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Identify why it was an important lecture for you

Connect the lecture to a current management issue

Presentation – Grammar, spelling, layout


The lecture I connected the most with was “Lets talk Beer” by Peter Burbidge on November 4, 2013. Peter is the founder of a local brewing company located in Halifax, Nova Scotia called Bridge Brewing Company. Bridge Brewing Company opened in January of 2013 and has been slowly expanding its business since. Peter attended Dalhousie University and was born and raised in Halifax. Bridge Brewing is a micro-brewing beer company, and they brew and sell four types of beer so far, all of which are Belgium style. Peter talked about his life as a manager, and how he got where he is today. He also explained what makes Bridge Brewing Company so unique.
Bridge Brewing is a unique brewery in Canada, and this is because it is a “zero emissions” company. Zero emissions means that they produce organic waste streams and lost energy. Beer is an eco friendly product, with the main ingredients being beer being, water and grains. Bridge Brewing is also unique in the fact that they use local products such as water, mushrooms, as well as local machinery. During the lecture, Peter said, “Where there is waste, there is an opportunity to innovate”. I believe this is what makes Peter to be such a great up and coming entrepreneur. In our society, recycling and going green is a huge part of business plans. Our Earth can only supply us with so many natural resources; therefore we need to learn transform our recyclable waste in usable products. I believe that zero emissions plays a very important role in a successful business plan because it causes less pollution and harm to the Earth’s natural resources. I believe that Bridge Brewing Company relate to a number of issues in which we cover in our Management course; one of which because how technology is changing and people are often coming up with new innovations. An example of this would be that here in Nova Scotia; we are forced to recycle our products. We recycle our glass, plastics, and our compostable waste. Bridge Brewing Company has found ways to use all