Lectures: Audience and Lecture Analysis Essay

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General Speech Lecture Analysis

My lecture analysis will be done on my Art 220 course, my professor is Dr. X. I chose Dr. X because I as my advisor as well I naturally pay close attention to him when he speaks. In addition to that he is one of the most charismatic and knowledgeable speakers and instructors that I have come across in my time at this institution. Art 220 is an art history course so naturally most of the material is initially perceived as dull and boring, but Dr. X's approach to teaching gives some excitement to the material. He usually is dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt of some variety which for an instructor is very dressed down, something that most students are not used to. His attire and presentation relaxes him as a speaker and relaxes the students because of the lax atmosphere. Before he starts his lecture he usually finds a common ground with the audience to create a less dense and friendly tone such as a joke, local news or sports. For his lecture instead of reading from the book he presents the art work for the lesson in a slide show. Dr. X's spent has multiple art degrees and spent quite some time in New York as an art installation specialists, so his experience adds to his ability to present the material in a more colorful way. Because of his extensive knowledge and/or experiences with these pieces of art he usually adds bits of information and past stories of each piece not found in the book. By him doing this he keeps our interest and gives us as students an easier way to remember specific facts