Left Behind Essay

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Left Behind
What is being left behind? It is the worst feeling in the world; one feeling that no one should feel. It makes the spirit want, want something that has passed on, in the books of history, lost. This feeling is one that has been haunting me most of my life, and I know the reason why it is killing me that I could have actually avoided it, but one must live with his/her mistakes. The ill background of my story is based on my moving to Nigeria.
I had it good in America: freedom, nice places to go to, allowance, parties, and of course my own room. All the benefits came tumbling down when my mom popped the question, “do you wanna live in Nigeria?” and I timidly said, ‘yes’ and what a great folly it was. I guess I wanted to explore new things, maybe I was getting bored of receiving all A’s in Mrs. Mason’s class. Although, if I ponder on it well enough I think it was more my mother’s fault; I was ten years old, not a care in the world, and I was eating. When I eat I’m happy, anything you ask me is a guaranteed yes, and that night mom cooked roasted chicken. Come to think of it my mother set me up. I continued my life as if no drastic change is coming to me, I even told Patrick my friend in school that lives on the same street as me. I told him when we were playing video games, he paused the game when I said it and after that he didn’t play as he normally did, no zeal in him, he was obviously devastated by the news. Even in school he wasn’t doing so well after I unveiled my secret; at the end of the 3rd quarter, I didn’t see him on the honor roll as in the previous quarters.
School was coming to a quick close and I was happy that I was spending the summer in Nigeria; why would you think that? I started to brag to my friends in school, laughing as I told them; most of them would be staying home to do summer school while I’ll be out and about. I had started packing and the movers started to come in by the flock, moving a table one day, the chairs the next, stripping my house naked. It finally hit me, I’m moving, everything flashed through my mind, and I guess this was what Patrick saw when I told him.
It was time to go, I said goodbye to everybody the previous day, they all looked like a train hit them when I said it, I couldn’t believe this would be the last time that I see them, that’s when I remembered that saying; 20 friends can’t play together for 20 years. I slept through the flight, guess I was bracing myself for whatever would happen in Nigeria. I eventually found out that life was totally different there, weird is the word. If you don’t have a big name you are a nobody.
School in Lagos, Nigeria was a bore, but the thing I