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PHOTOGRAPHY: Art of Science

Photography is the art or process of taking and processing photographs. There are many different aspects of photography. Meaning, photography can come in all shapes, sizes, and forms of appearances. Photography has been often times expressed, just as the definition, as an art. It can be very meaningful, to not only the person in which it belongs to, but the person who composed and processed it as well. Photography is indeed an art because of its purpose. Its’ purpose is to express emotion and feeling through the portrayal of two dimensional pictures. A photographer is an artist because the have the power to create a photograph but the only way a photograph can be created is through a camera. This is when photography is not only and art but becomes a science. Artist are able to create what they make what they chose completely by hand having full control of how images are produced. Though this may not sound simple, it is way more simple than the creation of a photograph. The Photography slash artist slash scientist not only has to determine how they are feeling, but fine an image that will express their feeling when captured, and measure out any special angels or spatial distances need to catch the full intended effect. Not only are the image processing a way that photography can be a proven science but the equipment and equipment knowledge alone should be enough to detail. Photographers are completely gifted people with power