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Legacies in Harmonies Program
Program Descriptions:
Overcomers International Ministries (OIM) and Legacies in Harmony (LIH), has served the community of Colorado Springs for 7 years. The Legacies in Harmony Program focuses on providing one-on-one mentoring and family educational classes for 10 families per year, especially the families in the extremely low income areas.
LIH has a complimentary gift for completing the program. Each family will receive necessary furniture, apparel, and/or household items. Through educational opportunities and personal mentoring, a direct positive impact is made on the entire family.
LIH will utilize a combination of 6 full and part time staff members and volunteers in the field of counseling. Each volunteer will be attending a 6 week training program at the beginning of their work assignment and will continually be offered additional training with OIM. This training program will include basic information for family structure and information on adult and child life skills. Each volunteer will be expected to contribute 5-20 hours each week and to continue with LIH for a period of no less than 6 months (preferably 12 months).
Parents face many challenges in an attempt to create a healthy family. In order to maintain a healthy functioning family, parents many times, sacrifice their own needs for the needs of their children. The Legacies in Harmony Program recognizes it is in the best interest…