Legacy In Willy Loman's Death Of A Salesman

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What do you think of when you hear the word legacy? What is a family legacy? According to yourdictionary.com, the definition of legacy is something that is passed on to you from family. What you believe to be your family legacy does not have to mean the same thing to someone else. Many family legacies include one’s beliefs, values and traditions. Things that you want to be passed on through many generations. Not all legacies are good legacies; Willy Loman & Troy Maxson both were characters that left legacies for their families in different ways.
Willy Loman was an old, traveling salesman who wanted the best for his family. “Quote about what you wanted to give his wife.” He continued to tell his sons, Biff and Happy, that the key to success
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He expresses his love for his wife, Rose throughout the play. He speaks of her with his best friend, Bono, “See this woman, Bono? I love this woman. I love this woman so much it hurts. I love her so much…I done run out of ways of loving her”. (1473). At the beginning of the play and much throughout the play Troy’s legacy didn’t appear to be a positive one; however it becomes apparent that Troy only wanted his children to be their own person. To become successful depending on no one but themselves. Troy would give his oldest son, Lyons, hell every time he came to the house because would ask him for money. Lyons played music in a band and Troy felt he should be doing something different. “I can get you on the rubbish if you want to work”. (1472) Cory, Troy’s youngest son, was into football and Troy was strictly opposed to him playing sports because he didn’t want Cory to be screwed off like he felt he was when he was playing baseball. Troy makes a comment to Rose, “I decided seventeen years ago that boy wasn’t getting involved in no sports. Not after what they did to me in the sports.” (1479) Cory was an important part of Troy’s legacy because we learn at the end of the play that Cory becomes a marine. He became his own person.
Having a family legacy is pretty important. It is unique just like your fingerprint. It is something that you want your family to remember you by. As stated before,