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After importing some USB devices from China for a client I found the items were not working and not the memory capacity they claimed they were. In other words, my client is upset and wants their money back and I would like to know if there is some organization or establishment in Canada or China that can assist me in retrieving my money?
Your problem rests in the cost of taking this matter to a local jurisdictional court and then collecting on any judgment you could earn and it would cost an arm and a leg to enforce this. I will not provide any legal advice but will try and give you some insight – Say so long to your money – which you should simply assume.
You should Immediately contact the commercial section at the Chinese consulate located nearest you and bombard them endlessly with letters and emails every couple of weeks. Stay on top of them and make sure they realize you have lost profit, your costs and integrity.
Now come up with an amount. [you are permitted to file a claim for profit loss and as well as potential profits].
You should ask for this number.
State in no uncertain terms that you are going to be black listing this exporter globally inside of twenty one days. [black listed by FTN exporting and bigger corporations functioning internationally – we are quite visible in China also]
Your assistance can be found though the consulate and the consumer affairs office in the nation where it originated that should take charge of