Legal Aspects of Diversity Article Review Essay

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Bass Pro Shops were created out of frustration of a fisherman that could not find any tackle in his town. So in 1971, Johnny Morris rented a U-Haul and headed across America filling the truck with the newest tackle as he went. Once Johnny had finished, he returned home to Springfield, Missouri, and started his own fishing business with eight feet of space in his father’s liquor store (Bass pro shops, 2012). This became a starting point for many fishermen in the Ozark’s famous bass lakes. In 1974, after much demand, Johnny created a catalog that started his business booming. Today, there are 65 Bass Pro Shops in the world as well as catalog and Internet shopping available. This was a new and exciting business for the sportsmen from all …show more content…
The Bass Pro Shops are way off base in their thinking that people of different cultures do not need to be represented in their business. My sons both learned to fish with old southern black men who fished for their dinner whenever they could. This is a gift that I could never give to my children and I am thankful to these men for being such a positive influence in my son’s lives. The Bass Pro Shops are in for hard times for this bad press. However, I fear that may not happen because of the type of individuals who frequent their business. I agree that those that have spoken out against this company should receive back pay and even get their jobs back, if they want it. I hope that these folks are strong enough to go back and build up a good relationship with the public, showing that they are and always have been the kind of people who will not be pushed down and forgotten. Cultural diversity is something we all need to embrace and grow with.

Reference Forsyth, J. (2011, September 22). Bass pro shops accused of discrimination, racial slurs. Reuters. Retrieved from: