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There are numerous legal and nonlegal methods an individual can undergo in order to resolve disputes between the individual and the state. Some non legal methods include; the media e.g. Today tonight & talk back radio, Trade unions e.g. Health workers and teachers, Members of parliament e.g. Member of parliament can take the issue to their political party so they can discuss the issue thoroughly to see if a law or policy needs to be changed/made, NGO's and interest groups e.g. Refugee Council of Australia & Australian
Red Cross. Legal methods are a more fidly than non legal methods because they have two sections an Individual can go through. Internal Reviews these are specific to the government and it is when Departments within the government review their own decisions internally. Requirements when having internal reviews are stated within the Administrative
Decisions Tribunal Act 1997 (NSW). Due to the fact it is done internally there is a high chance of bias and because of this any changes to decisions made in the past/present must have reasons and evidence provided before being able to be changed. The 2nd part of legal methods is the External Reviews these are reviews individuals can undergo if not satisfied with the outcome of the Internal Review they include Administrative, Judicial,
Ombudsman and statutory bodies such as Royal Commission and Independent
Commission Against Corruption. The media is a non legal method that gives individuals the opportunity to resolve their disputes with the state in a quite broad an openly manor. There are numerous ways an individual can get in touch with the media, such as; writing to, calling or even emailing television and radio stations. The media is effective in different ways because it is able to raise awareness to a massive audience, The media has been used to serve justice for to civilian men suffering with mental illnesses at different times the first case was in 1997. Ron Levi a man in a suicidal state at that moment in time was gunned down by six police who justified it by saying he was a threat to their life because he apparently lunged at them with a knife. The claims made by the officers were soon put to rest when a tourist took a photo of the seen where we can a clearly see a distressed Ron Levi surrounded by 6 policemen and his back to the sea. this helped us to see the killing of the man was harsh and unjust. From this example we can see the media is an effective source when it comes to meeting society's needs, Its rapid responses to individual and how easily accessible it is. An Ombudsman also known as a public advocate, It is a External Legal Method. An
Ombudsman is a representative figure appointed to an individual dealing with complaints towards companies, organisations and/or Public authority.In the case of Roberto Curti we see that the Nsw police failed to complete a proper internal review stated by the

ombudsman Robertos parents seeked guidence to 'Bruce Barbour yesterday released his report into the police investigation into Me Curtis seat saying he found it severely 'lacking'.
He states that "the police investigation that the death of Me Curti failed to adequately identify and deal with the question to whether there was any police misconduct" With the ombudsman being a being to clearly raise awareness To the flaws of this case we see that it sufficiently and effectively meets societys needs and with a just as easily enforceable enforceable legislation Ombudsman Act 1974 No, 68 The Royal Commission deals with resolving disputes…