Role Of World Order

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A) Explain the role of nation states in achieving World Order.

World Order is a necessity in modern day society, for if it did not exist we would be faced with international anarchy. A nation state acts individually, therefore meaning that it can either choose to embrace Human Rights and international laws, or ignore them.

World Order is known as being the creation of global relationships and maintenance of world peace. It also governs the relationships between nation states and other global participants.

World Order exists so that world conflict and global destruction doesn’t. Not only this, but World Order works through relations between countries, meaning that no nation state will stand alone, hence global issues such as
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However, nation states can use their sovereignty as a means of shielding them from unwanted input from international laws in regards to that countries conduct. When decided to use the current system of international law by the United Nations architects, based on treaties that were made between sovereign states, it gave states significant legal power through them being able to choose to cooperate with the international community if they have some interest in the matter.
On the other hand, they can choose to reject the matters that they believe conflict against their national interest, as outlined in the principle of state sovereignty, enshrined in Article 2.7 of the U.N. Charter, which states
‘nothing contained in the present Charter shall authorise the United Nations to intervene in matters which are essentially within the domestic jurisdiction of any state…..’ explaining that the United Nations cannot interfere with matters that are in the domestic jurisdiction of a country.
An example of a nation state that is impeding the UN and international laws through its sovereignty is Syria. Syria is in an on-going armed conflict regarding those who are in the Syrian Ba’aath Party government and those who wish to force them out, starting in 2011. Syria did not promote human rights, was not dictatorial, is autocratic and this lead to creating a civil war. The leader currently, has served for fifteen