Essay about Legal and Ethical Considerations of Marketing

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The Legal and Ethical Considerations of Marketing in America Paper

Evolution of the Market Orientation explains why marketing is a driving force in the modern global economy. First of all, the first stage was covered up until the early years of the 1920’s, in the United States, called the ‘production era’. Goods were scarce and buyers were willing to accept virtually any goods that were available and make do with them. The ‘sales era’ picked up right after the early 1920’s to the 1960’s, where manufacturers found they could produce more goods than buyers could consume and competition grew. In the 1960’s American firms relied on marketing because it became the motivating force and the ‘marketing concept era’ dawned, which
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Today’s successful visionary organizations use key elements to establish a foundation and set a direction using strategies that enable them to develop and market their offerings. The multicultural marketing is marketing programs that reflect unique aspects of different races. Because of the growing size of Racial and ethnic groups that had been identified in the new Census data, their economic impact on the marketplace is extremely noticeable, companies had to adapt to this new and advances marketplace by developing multicultural marketing programs. Technological forces of tomorrows change is the result of research and difficult to predict. We are seeing the most dramatic changes in today’s generation. These trends in technology are already seen in today’s market. Samsung has already developed new phones that will utilize the next-generation networks (WiMAX) to allow users to surf the web and watch TV. The use of internet technology as a tool for exchanging goods, services, and information on a global scale is the fourth trend affecting the world trade, recognizing that the network global marketplace offers unprecedented access to prospective buyers on every continent. This broad reach of technology and global competition broadens and paves the road for marketers called Global Competition. Another component of the environmental scan, competition, refers to the alternative