Legal and Ethical Leadership in Management Essay

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Legal and Ethical Leadership in Management
Porchia McCray
Argosy University Online

This paper will discuss a scenario involving two competing designer and manufacturing companies and their mutual retailer. The names of the two designer companies are Mathis Inc. and Countess Lori- Ann (CLA). The name of the retailor is Normandale’s. Normandale’s is having trouble profiting from the sales of the high priced clothing items made by Mathis Inc. Normandale’s made a request to CLA to duplicate the clothing made by Mathis Inc. The clothing is to be sold at lower cost, in efforts to help increase their profits. In efforts to aide Countess Lori Ann in duplicating Mathis’s clothing line; Normandale sends samples and photos of
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Next is the institutional school. This school of social responsibility believes that businesses should be held responsible to the government, individual citizens, and their board of directors in regards to their profit seeking activities. The next school is professional obligation (Kubasek, Breenan, & Browne, 2009). This approach takes on the belief that the word “professional” is used so loosely in today’s society that the title does not have any value. In order to increase its value and place more emphasis on the importance of the responsibility taken on, people should be certified as “professionals”. These certified “professionals” should be held to a disciplinary code and held accountable for profit seeking activities (Kubasek, Breenan, & Browne, 2009). The last school is the regulation school of social responsibility. This approach believes that cannot act in a social responsible way on its own. In order to minimize profit seeking activities, there needs to be more government involvement by way of regulations (Kubasek, Breenan, & Browne, 2009).
Ethical Code Implementation
In order to prevent or minimize similar occurrences, Normadale’s should implement “Fair Dealing” to its business code of ethics. This code of ethic requires that the company and those representing the company conduct themselves in an honest and ethical manner at all times. It also requires that “They shall act in good faith, with due care, and shall engage only in