Legalization: Cannabis and Texas Democratic Party Essay

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Policy Paper Texas Govt.2306 Legalization of Cannabis Sativa in Texas Over the recent years there has been a debate about the legalization of Cannabis Sativa in Texas. Its purpose of medical use has become one of the most controversial issues in the United States. The medical use of cannabis has existed in most countries and some governments have allowed treatment with a low dose of synthetic cannabinoids. Although it has positive purpose in the medical field, it has been known to improve in other several areas in Texas. As many states in the southwest have begun to legalize the medicinal use of cannabis. Texas has been one of the conservative states to hold on to its decision. Like other states, Texas implies its penalties based on the weight of cannabis possessed. In which some cases it could lead to a fine or imprisonment if having priors to a conviction. With this being considered, it leads to prison over-crowding lengthening the time for an individual to go to trial. The legalization of the use of cannabis could help minimize the over-crowding of prisons. As well as the Texas penalties could a fine up to a minimum of $2000 instead it should legalize the use of cannabis and impose a heavy taxation. Imposing a heavy tax on cannabis could help the economy. As Texas implies its penalties based on weight, it should consider imposing heavy taxes based on weight. Making a large profit helping the state of Texas with its rapid economic growth. As numbers have showed that the state Texas has had the largest growth of any state. The legalization would provide more money into the economy proving new jobs develop. Its other profit could also come from the medical field from symptoms as well as illnesses ranging from manic depression. Other several documented beneficial effects to helping from nausea, vomiting, and causes hunger in chemotherapy and AIDS patients. Also that has shown to be effective for treating glaucoma, as well as gastrointestinal illness. The government could make billions of dollars in just off of the taxes it could impose on the sale of the prescription. Besides just making profits from the sale it could also impede into and industrial where it could work with Mexico. Just as other border states, Texas should consider in the legalization to minimize the violent drug wars in Mexico. Over the recent years the violence has increased in Mexico due to drug cartel wars. Many of the southwestern states like California, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico have legalized cannabis to try and minimize the violence. The United States spends billions of dollars on the war on drugs. If Texas were to legalize cannabis, it could