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Kristin Barry

Reasons to legalize Marijuana/Cannabis

The federal government should legalize marijuana because of the benefits: Cancer

patients provided with some relief from their symptoms, and the economic gain $1.3 billion in

taxes, hemp saving 4 acres in trees, and decriminalization in a state. There has been scientific

evidence that has shown the potential health benefits come from marijuana and its property of

cannabinoids. For patients with cancer medical marijuana may be able an effective treatment

compared to other alternative medicine. Cancer patients receiving chemotherapy cannabis can

help them deal with the unpleasant side effects. Patients that suffer from appetite loss, nausea,

and vomiting, benefit from cannabinoids (varies of organic substances, such as THC, found in

cannabis). ((n.d),Stedman) It has been proven to be highly affective for the treatment of

vomiting and nausea. There are no full potential stories yet of what medical marijuana can do

for cancer. Studies have shown that cannabis can slow invasion of some cancers like cervical

cancer, and lung cancer cells. (Unknown, Unkn)

Then not just cancer patients but other people with illnesses such as MS (Mulitiple

Sclerosis) numerous studies even on animals (mice) and in humans show that the psychoactive

ingredient in marijuana called “Delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol can reduce patients muscle

spasms. Cannabinoids help suppress certain symptoms from multiple sclerosis or other spinal

cord injuries. Medical marijuana provides them with relief from symptoms and may slow the

process of the degeneration of the nervous system. MS carries many symptoms that

cannabinoids can help to alleviate/eliminate spasticity, depression, fatigue, chronic pain, and

ataxia. The London school of Medicine stated that out of 112 medical marijuana patients with

MS, 80% reported they had improvement from pain, tremors, spasticity, spasms and pain.)

(Unknown, Unkn).

Patients that have received medical marijuana from either smoking marijuana or getting

Nabiximols (liquid cannabinoid abstract) and other forms of cannabis, have increased their

quality of life. A patient named Linda Yelvington who suffers from Scoliosis and Chronic Pain

has stated that there had come a time where she realized, “shoving more and more opiates at

me – whatever they could prescribe, and it wasn't helping – and cannabis did”. (Unknown,


With the medical patient benefits also come with a growth economically. The legalization of medical cannabis leads into jobs, and tax benefits for the states. There are currently 16 states with legal medical marijuana facilities. These facilities can provide employment from 371 people up to 414 jobs that is under a high productive scenario. (I. Brian
& Associates (Eds.), 2010). Patient support positions include a large range of positions like: licensed growers, medical personnel, psychologist, customer service associates, therapist, drivers, chefs, and ect. According to Brian & Associates about 167 jobs will just be associated with a grow facility. (I. Brian & Associates (Eds.), 2010) Other non-marijuana positions could be created government jobs like law enforcement to help regulate the states marijuana program.
There are also jobs for advertisers, lawyers, doctors, accountants, and marketing professionals.
("Prweb," 2011). From the jobs that the medical facilities created to produce and cultivate marijuana along with that come state benefits.
There can be many governmental benefits such as tax benefits, decriminalization, and state revenue. Doing many researches California’s biggest agricultural crop is marijuana. Time magazine stated that “$14 billion a year in sales, dwarfing the state's second largest agricultural commodity — milk and cream — which brings in $7.3 billion a year, according to the most recent USDA statistics” (“Statemen, 2009”) Do you think that the government can