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Everybody dies at some point in their life, but have you ever wondered how? Maybe you will drink yourself dead, die of old age, or possibly get critically ill with some form of cancer. With the use of marijuana, cancer can be less of a pain-staking way to die. Legalizing marijuana, I think, would help benefit the way society looked at it, not just because of medical reasons, but because of agricultural purposes and a decrease in crime.
Marijuana is a good drug to use for someone who has cancer, Tourette’s syndrome, or epilepsy. It is because a person with cancer can be unhealthy and have really bad nausea, diarrhea, and stomach pains. If they smoke medical marijuana, there is an 83% chance that they get healthier and their nausea, diarrhea, and stomach pains decrease. Many patients who have gotten medical marijuana would support it.
People with Tourette’s or epilepsy who smoke medical marijuana are much calmer. Tourette’s can be very annoying when the ticks are common three to five minutes apart. Epilepsy is the same, but the seizures are more common and very get out of hand.
Marijuana has been used in human life since 7000 B.C. The flowering tops and the leaves of the plant were used as physiological and physiological effects and the seeds were a source of food.
Marijuana can also substitute wood paper, fossil fuels, and most of our fibers, such as cotton. It can also be made into dynamite to plastic. In 1935 alone, 116 pounds of marijuana seeds were used in America for paint and varnish. But after 1937, most of the industry went to chemicals. It can help the environmental issues such as sewage by using renewable cellulose as a chemical stock instead of plastic plumbing pipes. The many, many, uses of marijuana are endless.
In an annual survey called “Monitoring the Future,” high school students reported smoking marijuana over tobacco—a clue that helps point to changing attitudes towards the country’s most popular illegal drug. 17% of eighth graders, a third of sophomores, and 44% of seniors said that they’ve used marijuana.
Even though there is a steady decline of marijuana use, dispatchers are getting more and more calls for illegal drug dealers. 40% of calls are mainly because of marijuana. Law enforcement agencies spend billions of dollars annually trying to enforce the unenforceable prohibition. Racial inequities that are part of marijuana can’t be ignored.…