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Legalize Marijuana

The use of marijuana is a very controversial issue today because many people only see it as a way to get “high”. It is true that marijuana, also known as cannabis, is a huge recreational drug but it is also a very big help to people with medical problems. It is a great remedy for anxiety issues, stomach pains, and sleeping problems as well. There are many drugs used for what marijuana implements to. It has been legalized in Colorado and Washington recently and seems to be a big hit as far as the amount of people consuming it so far. Marijuana is an all-natural plant that grows without any person making and producing it. It is a plant that is dried and consumed, it is not some pill you take that is produced and created that you have no idea what it is made up by. Marijuana can help cure many problems around the world such as insomnia, stomach pains and headaches. There are many more small problems that can be solved by a natural plant that is considered illegal. It can be said that marijuana is abused but there are many legal drugs that are abused just s much if not more. I don’t believe that saying marijuana is abused is a good argument for it to be illegal. Vicodin, Tylenol with Codeine, OxyContin and Percoset and many more are all drugs that are highly abused and legal. These drugs are highly abused and much more dangerous than marijuana. These other drugs that are abused are also on the market to cure one issue of the body and cannot be used for other illnesses while marijuana can help to take out many issues at once with one “medication”. Glaucoma is one condition that can be relieved by marijuana. It is a condition in which pressure on the eyeball increases over time causing blurred vision, pain and could possibly lead to loss of vision. Cannabis has active chemical compounds called cannabinoids that aid in limiting pressure in the eyes. Limiting the pressure in the eyes limits the damage being done to the eye. This is just one example of marijuana helping medical conditions. THC is the substance that naturally occurs on the marijuana plant that is responsible for the cannabis high. Marijuana is illegal because the government believes there is not enough research and tests done. The affects of marijuana could be a reason most people believe it is bad and should be illegal. With a little research, you will find that it is not that bad. The public spends tax dollars on many projects researching hoe much THC it takes to make a person severely ill when it is nearly impossible to make someone virtually ill from THC. My opinion on the affects of marijuana is that it does not affect the brain, or as