Legalizing Club Drugs Essay

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Legalizing Club Drug The term “Club drug” usually refers to four substance. Ecstasy (MDMA), GHB, Rohypnol and Ketamine. They got their name because they are most popular at dance clubs and rave parties. Ecstasy and GHB are the most common of the four. Ecstasy is a stimulant that comes in pill form. People take it so, they can keep dancing all night, or because it reduces inhibitions and tend to make them really touchy feel. Unfortunately, it can also cause severe dehydration and make your body temperature high. Transfixed by the sights, sounds and feeling of dancing, ecstasy users are not thinking about stopping for a drink of water or some fresh air. That is why using ecstasy even one time could deadly occur. The drug has been linked to seizures, strokes, liver, kidney and cardiovascular failure. GHB is often taken as a clear liquid, but it also comes in powder of pill form. When it is dissolve in a drink, it becomes pretty much tasteless. That unfortunately, makes it popular as a “date rape drug”. It makes the user super relaxed and out of it, so she is less likely to object to what is happening to her, and many affect her memory of the experience later on. Another problem with GHB is concentration very wide. So, it is easy to take too much. Overdosing on GHB can depress your lungs so much that they stop working, putting you into a coma. Ketamine (Special K) develop as a surgical anesthetic. It relieves tension and intensifies sounds. Person may feel numb, lose