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That feeling when you’re a kid and you walk downstairs on Christmas morning and there is a smell of half eaten gingerbread and nutmeg in the air. You can feel the thistle of garland through your fingers as you run your hand down the railing of your decorated staircase. As you step down from that last step you see all of the presents wrapped in green and red with sparkling ribbon tied to make a bow, and you not only feel this excitement but you feel the whole presence of Christmas inside of you waiting to burst out into little tiny pieces joy. This feeling came to me when I was just nine years old in the second grade and it wasn’t Christmas but it felt like it. It was a mid-September afternoon at school and I had just found that my school was going to have a book-fair. It wasn’t my first time to go to a book-fair; I was only excited because my mom let me save up my money in a used animal cracker tub. This wasn’t just an ordinarily sized animal cracker tub; this was one of those tubs that you get at Sam’s Club that are two feet tall. My mom gave me ten cents every day since the first grade book-fair as long as I did my chores, and let’s just say I ran out of room just before I started the second grade and had to start putting my allowance in a different place. After the long exciting day of knowing about the book-fair I couldn’t help but rush home to call my mom from our home phone. Fortunately, my school was right behind my backyard, so all I had to do was cross the street, but I made sure I looked both ways. By the time I arrived at my garage door I was panting so hard I sounded like my dog after he and I play fetch during a hot summer day. It was still warm this time of the year because summer came late, not including that it was the hottest summer of all time and broke the city record of how hot it was; almost 110 degrees. By the time I reached my garage door I was sweaty and sticky even though I live not even one minute away from the school. I ran through the house like a maniac thinking to myself, if my mother caught me doing this I would probably be grounded for the rest of my life. I ran to my room to see if my jar of money was still there, and noticed it was so I opened it and I could smell the musty smell of change that has been in a container filled with liquid iron. My mother arrived home after work an hour later from when I got home. I was so excited to tell her that I can finally use my saved up money for the book fair and actually buy what I wanted to buy. In my school it was popular to have a twisted fuzzy pencil, everyone had to have one and if you didn’t you weren’t one of the cool kids to hang out with. I could finally buy a twisted fuzzy pencil. My mom finally calmed me down so she could fix dinner for us that night. “Settle down, you’re talking ninety words per minute.” she said hastily to settle me down. “I’m sorry mom, I just can’t wait until the book fair. I’m so excited to actually use my money to buy something that I actually want to buy for myself.” I said this so fast it sounded that all of my words were just one word combined. “I know you’re excited to use your money at this fair, but you do know the reason why we gave you this money, right?” she said with a parental tone trying to get me to learn a moral of her reasoning. I just wanted to buy my twisted pencil. I didn’t want to learn anything about responsibility. The next morning was the day that I had been waiting for. It had