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Legalizing Marijuana Marijuana is the most commonly used drug in all United States. I believe that marijuana will always be used for private reasons and medical purposes, so why not legalize it for profit? While the Obama administration keeps on investing money in order to stimulate the economy, which is deep in debt, it appears to ignore easier solutions such as legalizing marijuana. Legalizing it might seem outrageous to the average american. But when you look at the real deep facts, the consequences are not desperate compared to the benefits, and the current economical situation.The government has many reasons to legalize marijuana but will they continue to ignore the matter? Legalizing marijuana could be a source of additional tax revenues. For example if marijuana were to be legalized the government would save 8.7 million each year because of the amount of extra space in the prisons for less violence. Also it will bring more money to fix roads, also update school supplies such as desk, books, computers, and etc.for students that may need to help them benefit a more successful education.
Also fix parks, help the homeless shelters, donate money to the less fortunate in other countries or maybe pay back China. Alaska has made over 45 million in tax revenues.
So there are lots of things that would benefit from legalizing marijuana.
Legalizing marijuana would decrease violence or crimes maybe such as “Drug
Trades”. 5.2 percent has decreased for violence in Colorado in the first six months that it had been legalized. The findings on the relationship between violence and marijuana use are not mixed, and much of the evidence points toward reductions in violent behaviors for those who smoke marijuana. Researchers have suggested that any increase in criminality resulting from marijuana use may be explained by its illegality, rather than from the substance itself. Cops are even saying “Legalize it”, why? Because
“its all about safety” and marijuana is a relatively harmless. Jamie Haase (Former special agent of homeland security and immigration & customs enforcement division) says “During my time on the border I saw literally tons of marijuana coome over the border from mexico.” They also want to focus on crimes that hurt real victims. Police made more than 7 million marijuana arrests and 88 percent of them were possession alone. Less violence would also be beneficial for our community and our government. so we can feel safe an cops can do their jobs.
Legalizing marijuana could also help sick patients. Marijuana can be a treatment for many, in different ways, also cure for few. Marijuana has been used for medical

purposes for 4,000 years. Marijuana has helped treatments for Gastrointestinal
Disorders, Insomnia, headaches and as a