Legend and Albert Brian Bosworth Essay

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Robin Lane Fox: Alexander the Great- Overtaker of the World
Robin Lane Fox is one of the writers about Alexander who is not just looking at the facts and copy them. In his book he describes what he thinks about Alexander’s decisions and what kind of feelings could drive him to do things. He looks at him from the very beginning of his life and so he has a good overview how things changed him. Many people just see a cruel tyrant in Alexander, but Fox wanted to show them that Alexander was not born as a bad person and that his life was full of disappointments and lies that made him seem cruel in many ways and that his mind often was influenced by his closest friends and allies. This book was helpful because it’s written different to the other books, its more focused on thoughts than in facts.

Alexander Demandt: Alexander der Große: Leben und Legende. Beck, München 2009
This German book is one of the latest books about Alexander the Great. Its content is about facts that happened and about how things just get made over the time. Behind the whole book is question of the personality of Alexander and about his life. Demandt looked at the facts of numbers of the Army and about the lifestyle from the drinking habits to his labiality and Demandt is searching for the truth behind the things. He is not really taking a part in the conflict if Alexander was a good leader or a bad heartless tyrant, but he is showing up that quiet allot things are just legendary stories. This book has a wide content and the latest news about Alexander’s life so I think it’s definitely helpful.
Albert Brian Bosworth: Alexander and the East. The Tragedy of Triumph. Oxford/ New York 1996
Albert Brian Bosworth is one of the most famous Writers about Alexander the Great. In this book he specialised himself on the fight of Alexander in the East, about the dream of Triumph and his push to pride. He looks critically on the cruel decisions Alexander made about how he killed whole cities to keep his pride. You can see that this is not Bosworth`s first book about Alexander, he seems to know this person but he is not one of those who loves him as a leader, and only write good things about him. He is very structured and critical and he is always trying to bring the history closer to the reader. The critical structure leads the reader to question the legend of