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Racoon absolutely loved New England weather. He lived in Connecticut his whole life, and the best part of this area was the four seasons. He enjoyed the crisp, cool air of Winter with its billowy snow that melted when he reached out to catch it on his warm tongue. With his thick, soft fur coat even the biting winds in the coldest month of January didn't bother him! Slowly, the season turns into Spring. He liked to call it "The Season of Friendship" because that is when the daffodils (which symbolize friendship), showered with refreshing rain and the hot sun, come into full bloom with their range in colors from white to soft yellow to deep yellow to a yellow with deep orange centers. Reminding him of the bright yellow sun, that keeps getting hotter and brighter as the Summer nears. These are the days for relaxing and enjoying all that Mother Nature has to offer. But the season that was his least favorite of all was Fall. This was the time when it was so hard to find shelter to sleep in at night, he sometimes had to sleep in the snow. Fall time was coming and once again the largest tree in Connecticut, the Pinchot Sycamore tree, was worrying about what would happen to her beautiful leaves when the earth started to cool down and die. The Sycamore was very sad because she had no one to talk to about her fears. It seemed like everytime someone came across her massive tree trunk, limbs that stretched so far West they thought for sure they reached California, leaves with its five sections appearing to be human like hands, and her sheer height nearly touching the clouds, they felt they were being dwarfed by a mean giant and ran away scared before having the chance to find out that she was