How Does Legislation Affect Planning And Teaching

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Legislation that affects planning and teaching Health and Safety at Work Act Data protection Equality and Diversity
Race Relations
Sexual Descrimination
Sexual equality
Age discrimination
Every Child matters Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Data Protection

The Data Protection Act regulates how your personal information is used and protects you from misuse of your personal details. fairly and lawfully processed; (Ensure learners know that the data is being collected to promote diversity and not to discriminate against them) processed for limited purposes; adequate, relevant and not excessive; (Red tape) accurate; not kept longer than necessary; (Outdated) processed in accordance with your rights; (Ensure legal rights are met) kept secure; (password protected, encrypted data) not transferred abroad without adequate protection.

The Act provides stronger protection for sensitive information about your:

ethnic origins political opinions religious beliefs trade union membership health sexual life
Criminal history.

Human Rights

Citizens of the UK have certain fundamental human rights which government and public authorities are legally obliged to respect. These became law as part of the Human Rights Act 1998.

Some of the most applicable human rights in a teaching environment are: the right to life (respect commitments of learners) freedom from degrading treatment (disrespecting learners) the right to liberty (freedom of expression within social limits) the right not to be discriminated against (promoting diversity and equal opportunity) the right to an education (the right to a fair education)

Directgov (
Every Child Matters

This is a Government programme for a national framework to support the