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Abbie Wilkinson Health and Social Care level 3
Monica Williams

My current knowledge..
When I was in year 9 and 10 I done health and social care level 1 and parts of level 2 and completed it with 4 distinction stars.
I know that by doing this course I will gain enough ucas points to get into university and do my social working course.
During this course I know I will have to do 200+ hours of placement in at least 3 different health and social care settings, this will help me get used to working with children and staff.
I know that I have very good personal hygiene which is good because you have to be very clean when working with children, and you have to look well and professional also I know I have good communication skills which will help be listen and understand young people when I go out to work.
My current skills include..
I think I am a good listener, I am able to listen to people when they talk to me, whether it be about something simple or about a problem that they have and just want to tell somebody. I have stopped my friend from doing something silly in the past and listened to all her problems and help her deal with them in many different ways.
I also think that I am able to work well with others, I like being able to have a discussion with people and have more than one opinion to be able to complete my work. I think it is easier to work with other people and I find that I get things done quicker if I am working in a group.
I think I can be very organized and I like to have things planned out before I start doing them. I like being told what I need to do and I don’t like it when things changed. I don’t like just being given something to do and expected to just do it straight away, I like to have enough time to be able to have a proper plan and then I find it easier to get on with the work. How I can develop new knowledge and skills..
I think when I start my work placement I will develop new knowledge and skills because it will help me gain more confidence with talking to new people. Work placement will give me the chance to watch other people do their job and I will be able to learn from them, also I think it will do me good doing the work myself instead of reading things from a textbook or off the internet, I will be able to find out how I like to do things and it will help me figure out if I am sure it is the career choice for me. I also believe that it will help me gain some professional skills to as I will see what it is like being in the job with people older than me and learn how to act in the work placement and what different people are like.
I also think work placement will make me feel more confident in myself and it will give me different responsibilities, for example if I work in a nursery then I will have a child depending on me and they will need all my attention.

My values and beliefs..
I am a very open person and there isn't a lot of things that bother me, I believe in same sex marriage, I think that if 2 people are in…