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Stafford Hospital:
Stafford hospital in the 2000’s has been the worst case of neglect and lack of professionalism since the case of Bristol Hospital for children’s heart surgery since the 1990’s. Since the resignation of the former hospital boss martin Yates back in 2009 after the public enquiry, the hospital has made slow and steady progress to regaining a higher standard of care and treatment of their patients, within every ward and department of the hospital and local medical centres. A report on the BBC news website, hospital left patients sobbing and humiliated. Hospital patients were left sobbing and humiliated by uncaring staff and investigation into one of the worst NHS scandals in history has found. The independent inquiry claimed the mid Staffordshire NHS trust had become driven by targets and cost-cutting. The report – the latest in a long line of critical reviews, said the distress and suffering had been unimaginable. Last year it was reported there were at least 400 more deaths than expected at the trust from 2005 to 2008. But the relatives of patients treated there said many questions still remained unanswered. Another report on Stafford hospital is failing hospital caused deaths, a hospitals appalling emergency care resulted in patients dying needlessly,
MRSA is an infection and bacteria, which spreads quickly and is hard to treat with the use of antibiotics, the spread of the commonly known (superbug) in many hospitals around the UK has been in the media’s attention more commonly since 2009, the spread of the superbug has been ever more serious within hospitals and medical centres all around the UK over recent years. MRSA testing is now carried out in hospitals and doctors surgeries for patients who are due to undergo surgery in an NHS hospital. The testing will tell if the service user has the infection before they enter the hospital, and if they do have the virus they are not allowed to go into the hospital and are put on medication to treat the infection.

The introduction of NHS staff cuts from the new government in 2012 has resulted in a large popularity in the media coverage of the cuts introduced by the government. The large numbers of staff who have been cut from their jobs has resulted in potential hazards and harm of the care and the health and well-being of many patients in the hospital.

Setting: A & E Department | Area | Hazards | Waiting area | Broken chairWater on floor Files left openNo plug caps | Treatment Area | Needle left on sidesPrescription left on deskStaff under stress( staff shortage) |

Risk assessment form: IDENTIFIED HAZARD | RISK | CONTROL | MONITORING | Broken chair | Likelihood=3Severity= 5Risk=3 | Make sure that all the chairs are safe for people to sit down on. | Ensure that there are caretakers to monitor the equipment. | Water on floor | Likelihood=3Severity=2Risk=3x2=6 | Make sure that the water is cleared up. Have caretakers that will ensure no water on the floor in the corridor. Have signs about so that if water is seen on the floor they tell someone so that it prevents the hazard. | Ensure that there are extra caretakers to monitor the halls. | Files left open | Likelihood=4Severity=4Risk=4x4=16 | Ensure all files are locked away and no left open for people to read. Make files electronic so authorised persons only can view them. | Have a sign on the cabinet telling them to put all the files away after use. | No plug caps | Likelihood=2Severity=5Risk=2x5=10 | Make sure the children aren’t left unattended in the A&E and also get caretakers to check each day that plug caps over the plug socket. | Have enough caretakers are there to make sure…