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Nowadays, there are so many available ways to find and obtain news and information about unknown subjects matter. For instance, for some older folks, the digital immigrants; their sources might be: books, local news, radios, and/or daily newspapers. However, for me, a digital age individual, my sources contained such as, very-very little of all of the above (from the digital immigrants), some prior knowledge, and main sources are researching from different websites and links (internet). This paper has truly helped me recall and being aware of my ways and steps I made towards the final product of searching for information.
I use and gather all the information from my prior knowledge and ask myself the questions: how much do I know about legislature bills/issues and what other information do I need/search for? After that, I will start out by searching through different websites about the most recent or most talked about by typing in the search engine “Education bills in Texas legislature”. I use all the main search engines like: Google/Chrome, Yahoo, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox. From there, I can choose and go to different individual links. My method for finding and collecting my information as well as analyzing the bills themselves are clicking and scanning, then reading. Once clicking on the links, I will scan through the title then the words to see if that’s what I’m looking for. If the articles or the information are useful, then I’ll keep/save that article so I can compare it with another source to make sure that it is true, accurate, and reliable. For each piece of the information that I gathered about the legislature bills/issues for this paper, I compared the information with at least three or more other sources, just to make sure that they are true and consistent. I can make this research happened anytime and anywhere with available online internet access; I can use my smart-phone, iPad/tablet, and/or computer/laptop. After gathering what I need and want about my three educationally related bills/issues in Texas legislature; I learned that Governor Rick Perry has recently signs the three following bills that have helped many districts and educators, including myself, exchanging high fives, relief, and celebrating. These bills have impact public education across Texas. The bills included are: 1) increases the cap on charter schools, 2) reduces the number of end-of-course exams in public schools, and 3) the “Merry Christmas” bill. Throughout the whole process of researching, I now gained more knowledge, understanding, and are updated with new bills that are directly affecting my current/future career (administrator role), as well as my work environment.
First, to increases the cap on charter schools in the state by the year 2019; by expanding the number of state contracts for charter schools from 215 to 305. With this bill, house members passed it 105 to 41. Supporters say it will also ensure that poor-performing charter schools will be shut down. The bill also allows school district to open a limited number of charter schools within the district without the need for an outside partner. Currently, if a school district wants to open an in-district charter, it must contract with an outside partner to run the school. This bill is focused on schools with poor performance for three consecutive years in a roll; however, special education charters will not be part of the cap. Secondly, to reduce the number of end-of-course exams, from 15 to 5, in public schools. Just recently, Governor Rick Perry signed legislation that will sharply scale back the number of requiring tests for Texas students, especially, high schools. He insisted that the bill will strike a balance between