Legitimacy Memoir: My Literacy In The Classroom

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Literacy Memoir
I am the oldest child in my family and my parents were born in Mexico, so the only language I speak at home is Spanish.When I first was in preschool, my teacher spoke Spanish so reading in Spanish wasn’t a problem for me. Even in kindergarten Mrs. Carrie spoke Spanish and most of the books and songs were in Spanish. My reading problems started in about third grade when teachers did all the homework in English and they required all students to get books from the library in English only. Most of my classmates could read in English like nothing. Maybe because most of them have older siblings that could write and read in English already. But me being the older sister, didn’t have anyone to practice my English with. I really worked hard to improve my literacy, I would go to special Ed sessions every now and
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Those sessions helped a lot when it came to reading. I learned how to pronounce words and the "th", "ph", "sh", "gh" sounds. In fourth and fifth grade, teachers signed me up in Imagine Learning. Imagine Learning was a program to teach students with Literacy problems with games and everyone in the class had to use headphones with a microphone attached and in the games they would require us to repeat words or sentences after the person talking in the game or video. I was shy when it came to speaking but I would repeat the words when there was nobody or when there was only friends. I had to stay after school for that and my teacher's name was Tina or Mrs. Rodriguez. I will never forget her because she was my favorite teacher from fourth to sixth grade. When I was in Middle School I still took Imagine Learning until eighth grade. Luckily in eighth grade, my Literacy was better and I knew most of the things an eighth grader is supposed to know. I still had to work a little more on my punctuation and grammar. My reading was excellent by then though. By the time I was in my freshman year, even my punctuation and grammar improved. And I