Leglization of Marijuana Essay

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In the perspective of America's war on medication, marijuana is one in every of the most important enemies. And since alcohol and tobacco, 2 life threatening substances, square measure legal it's a relevant question to raise why marijuana is prohibited. The taxpayers of America will part answer this question after they fill out their tax forms and after they hear the hash rhetoric used against marijuana by the govt. the very fact that marijuana is prohibited is sufficiently caused by the quantity of cash, jobs, and pride endowed within the warfare. In alternative words, the govt cannot flip back currently.

In order to demonstrate this cause, the distinction between smuggled and legal substances (specifically alcohol and marijuana) should be abolished. Alcohol, as we have a tendency to all understand, was once smuggled. the rationale that it absolutely was smuggled was as a result of the unwell effects of alcohol semiconductor diode many of us to fight for the prohibition cause. a number of these unwell effects square measure direct and a few alter the behavior and motor skills of the drinker, serving to them do things they'd not typically do. a lot of typically than not, the direct effects result from significant drinking, like "depression is often diagnosed in alcoholics" (Rittenhouse 140). however simply obtaining drunk will do serious damage. "Accidental trauma forms the most important reason behind brain injury from alcohol" (140) would indicate alcohol as a threat to human health.

Marijuana on the opposite hand appears a bit out of place in its classification as smuggled. The supplyantecedently cited notes that, "Although it's classified as a Schedule I drug for restrictive functions, it's clearly completely different pharmacologically from the narcotic analgesics" (Rittenhouse 151). Also, recently a heated discussion has arisen on the medicative price of marijuana. whether or not there's a certain use for marijuana is unclear, however there's sure as shooting no such discussion regarding alcohol.

So all over again I posture the question why is marijuana smuggled if it's no more dangerous than substances that square measure legal? The yankee government's investment within the war on medication spans the spectrum of governmental offices. however the most recipient of funds from the budget is that the Drug social control Agency, situated within the Department of Justice. Before I begin quoting budget allocations, i might wish to raise the reader to create alittle assumption. The budget doesn't build distinctions between fighting marijuana and fighting hard drug, heroine, etc. therefore i might raise that the reader assume marijuana accounts for 5% of the budget's drug hindrance allocations. this is often in all probability a lot of smaller than the particular proportion, however there's no method (as way as I will tell) of knowing of course, and that i don'tneed to overstep my bounds. So, keeping the on top of in mind, the projected 1998 budget permits for fifteen.997 billion greenbacks for what it calls "Federal Drug management Funding" (Budget 331). The said Drug social control Agency, higher referred to as the DEA, was projected to receive one.146 billion greenbacks. Also, 281 million greenbacks was projected to be spent on federal prisons for the housing of drug offenders. If marijuana was to be legalized these amounts would be reduced and taxpayers would gain, howeverthe govt would lose that exact same cash.

Besides the money that will be lost, many of us would have to be compelled to realize another job. The projected 1998 budget allotted 753 million greenbacks to "salaries and expenses" for the DEA alone (Budget 467). this is often quite half what the DEA receives from the govt, that means that jobs and therefore the funds that the roles want would take a heavy hit from marijuana group action.

A a lot of intangible investment that the govt makes within the war on medication is its pride. the govt…