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Today our team is going to introduce about fantastic culture of Lego.

First, what is lego? Lego is construction toy consisting of interlocking plastic blocks that are more than 12 colors and varied shape.
Do you know what Lego’s meaning? Ole Kirk Kristiansen who founded Lego company took the first two letters of the Danish words “LEG GODT” and combined it. It means “play well”.
The Lego group is family owned company based in Billund, Denmark in 1932.
The founder believes that playing has the powerful ability to develop children’s social, emotional, and cognitive skills. All bricks can be combined easily in countless ways, providing people with the opportunity to be endlessly creative in expressing people’s imagination.
The LEGO group’s motto is only the best is good enough. Accordance with this corporate philosophy, the LEGO group has been emphasizing the importance of quality since 1932. Consequently, the group has no recalled for the fifth years running. Now, the Lego group has used the Lego toy system to branch out into a number of other areas.

Lego was made for kids but also it has effected to adults. Kidult is combining word kid and adult, who is still like to do things that are generally seen as only for children. Lego figures are a huge part of the kidult culture where adults continue to enjoy in buying and collecting children’s toys.
Lego community is important to the LEGO Group to have close contact with their fans and consumers throughout the world. A growing number of adult LEGO enthusiasts have been setting up LEGO User Groups. They call themselves “AFOLs” (“Adult Fans of LEGO”).
Today, LEGO fans and their family will be able to participate in unique LEGO building activities and attraction such as robot rumble.
BrickFest is an event designed for adult fans…