Lehigh Valley and Medical Transcriptionist Essay

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I am a single mother of three—one of them being autistic-- children. Trying to raise

three kids is hard and yet while putting food on the table, paying daycare costs or

whatever else they need at any given time; I still struggle on a day to day basis. I need to

attain something that I can work at home with. What better way to work at home while

being with your kids and doing what you love which is a Medical Transcriptionist. I

know working at home can get tiresome; however, I also know I won’t be able to start

work at home right away. Therefore, I must study to graduate and I also must work

outside my home to gain experience. But I want to acquire my future with my job, so that

my children will be happy. My job as a Medical Transcriptionist will be flexible with my

family, because when I become more experienced and can work at home I can set my

own hours. Every time I glimpse in my children’s beautiful blue eyes; I know I must

succeed at my job to secure their destiny.

Madeline you are an excellent organizer, you’re flexible in your assignments, who

works well with other people, you always find creative ways to get the job done, and you

always get to work before your scheduled time. Mr. Snyder, the boss of The Morning

Call, is looking for an assistant and you would be perfect. The company operates several

hundred workers of all types and it also distributes newspapers to all of Lehigh County,

even historic Bethlehem; the