Essay about Lehman Company

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Samson Akilo
Professor Rosen Joseph
Management Homework Lehman’s Company

1. It unethical to take excessive amount of risk for personal rewards at the cost of collective interest. In addition, an employee who questions the decision is ignore or overruled. They also try to make transactions of the balance sheets so that firm’s income s and asset are overstated. The firm top leadership was problematic because it was indulges balance sheet manipulations.
2. The employees have too much autonomy that they lack proper supervision. Their actions and decisions revolve solely around self-interest because they just want to get rewarded. And leaders encourage excessive risk taking. Overall the company’s culture is profit-oriented. In other to meet a targeted bottom line they are willing to conduct unethical behaviors which later contribute to financial downfall.
3. The leaders of Lehman’s company did not properly supervise the transaction and employees behaviors. They had serious but non-culpable errors of business judgment to actionable balance sheet manipulations. However, the leaders did not fulfill their due diligence in researching and understanding complicated financial transactions.
4. I think what should be done different at Lehman’s company; the leaders should take proper responsibility and supervision of the transactions made by employees. And also, cut down the amount of risks taking by the employees. They use a rewarding metrics that encourages employees to make