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Lemya Tirba
American History
23 March, 2015

Section 14.2

1. Flappers- young woman who embraced the new fashions and urban attitudes of the day with close fitting felt hats, bright waitstless dresses an inch above the knees, etc

2. Volstead Act- enforced the 18th amendment
Al Capone-ruled Chicago’s underworld with his small army of mobsters, tried to gain control of all liquor sales in Chicago , by doing that he waged a violent war on rival gangs
Eliot Ness- hired by the federal Prohibition Bureau m he organized a top squad of young detectives to go after gangsters. Ness and his men strictly enforced the prohibition laws, he ended Capone’s reign over the underworld in 1931 and was arrested.
Untouchables- this is what Ness and his detectives were nicknamed
Twenty-first Amendment- The 21st amendment was an admission of the terrible failure of prohibition, which led to people disrespecting the law and criminals to do well selling illegal alcohol to those that wanted it. It replaced the 18th Amendment
Cecil B. DeMille- he was a movie director who introduced a new style of filmmaking marked by epic plots and complex characters. He also created biblical epics.
Babe Ruth- he was a legendary player who had an outstanding seasons during the 1920s and attracted new fans. He was one of sports favorite. Known as Sultan of Swat, he dominated baseball from 1920’s to 1934. He led the New York Yankees to 4 World Series championships. And he had a total of 60 home runs (record).
Jim Thorpe- student played intercollegiate sport offered at his school. He left school and began training for the Olympics. The 1912 games that were held in Stockholm, Sweden, Thorpe was the first competitor to win both the pentathlon and the decathlon. He went into a career in major-league baseball and played professional football for a few years.
Charles Lindbergh- biggest celebrity of the 1920’s. He was a clean-cut pilot from Minnesota who flew airmail cargo planes between St.Louis and Chicago. He successfully completed his solo flight after 33.5 hours, landing on a Paris airfield.
Amelia Earhart- first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean
Aimee Semple McPherson- One of the most popular revivalists. She combined a strong Christian message with the glamour of Hollywood..
Fundamentalism- a protestant movement, it gained popularity during the decade.
Clarence Darrow- famous criminal lawyer from Chicago
Scopes Trial-exposed a deep division in American society between traditional religious values based on scientific ways of thought.

3. Jobs were scarce and people needed jobs and money to provide for their families, gangsters was dangerous but provided an easy way to make money. When the American government passed the Eighteenth amendments outlawing alcohol, people